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Skinny Tip: Bring in Spring with Fresh Fruit!

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I’m Lovin’ It – McDonald’s Breakfast

There’s nothing better on a Saturday morning than a ‘Big Breakfast’ and orange juice – but changing to a bacon roll & coffee will save 400 calories.  Maybe I can manage a muffin!

See what you like at:

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‘Finger Lickin’ Good’

KFC is such a tasty treat – the chicken pieces are so moreish, I can eat 2/3 before I know it.  Add on the sides of gravy and fries, and that’s 1200 calories  just for lunch.

A Rancher salad is a much better choice and I can even kid myself it’s healthy as there’s a bit of salad with it!

The KFC website gives you the calorie content of all their products so you can choose the best option for you.

Check it out at

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How to Pick the Healthiest Fast Food

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Top 10 Unhealthiest Fast Food

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How to Make Healthy Choices at Fast Food Restaurants

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Pizza Magic

Two for Tuesday is a great offer at Dominos.  You can get a tasty treat  for the whole family but not speand a fortune. Unfortunately some of the pizzas are not the healthiest chioces you should make.

‘Create your own’ is a good way to customise a healthier option.

I always choose tandoori chicken & sweetcorn and although I love the garlic & herb dip, at 87 calories per pot and the garlic bread at 274 calories, they have to be passed up!

Look up the the calories value of your favourite at

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My favourite

Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Fries & Chocolate Shake is my favourite but at 1238 calories it’s not something I should even eat occasionally.

Just changing to a Bacon Double Cheeseburger with small fries and a diet coke is less than 700 calories.  Still a lot but ok for an occasional treat!

What is your favourite?

Calculate your healthier option at:


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